P-Cars And Perception


It was hard not to like it. Click here to view the embedded video. I imagine that, like most newer cars, the new Carols are superior in every way and handle the duties of Japanese city life with just as much skill as the older model I drove, but I am disappointed that Mazda has let the cheerful face of the car go away. While they have continued to hang ever more outrageously grinning grills and swoopy sheet metal on all of their other cars, would it hurt them to let the little Carol, the car with the name that helped Mazda break into the passenger market, join in the fun? Come on Mazda, it doesn’t matter how practical the new Carol is, without a smile on her face she’s just not going to get noticed and will remain just another wallflower on the edge of the dance when she really needs to be out there shaking things up. Thomas M Kreutzer currently lives in Buffalo, New York with his wife and three children but has spent most of his adult life overseas.
For full version, visit http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/08/kei-car-caper-deep-inside-carol/

I got a lot of tickets in that car. This, roughly, is the response I’d have liked to have given to my busty friend. (Remember her? She’s three paragraphs above). Where’s the disconnect? Let’s see if we can unpack it: 1.
For full version, visit http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/08/p-cars-and-perception/


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