Land Rover Defender By Startech


But we gotta say, this Startech program really captures our imaginations. Click past the jump to read about the Land Rover Defender 2012 Land Rover Defender Rugged and ready to rumble at moment’s notice, the Land Rover Defender is an awesome utility vehicle that gives off an all-conquering aura few of its competitors can match. On top of that, the Land Rover Defender will also come with a 2.2-liter diesel engine that delivers a total of 122 horsepower at 500rpm and a peak torque of 265 lbs-ft at 2,000rpm.
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Major manufacturers are already well aware of the flexible nature of some styling details, like the roof style and door counts. Many are rumored to have 10-foot-tall HD walls in some design conference rooms. Over the course of the video meeting, far-flung design staff can flash up a life-size image of their vision on the wall monitor for all to evaluate together, in real time. Spinning around as easily as a web configurator, these models are actually immense bits of data. A report from many years ago outlined the difficulty GM — in particular — has in moving huge, vast amounts of encrypted data across its global network. Slow transfer speeds are only the beginning. Enough about how great design renderings are.
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